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Greenhouse Datacenters' first data center is situated in Naaldwijk, The Netherlands. This central location in the Westland municipality (Rotterdam/Den Haag region) is known for its many large businesses, which are mainly agricultural. The purpose of the data center in Naaldwijk is to offer high-quality TIER 3 colocation services at competitive prices.
Our center in Naaldwijk has a total floor area of 1500 m2, with approximately half of this space reserved for colocation services, offering a total capacity of 216 server rack cabinets.
Construction of the data center was started in August 2012 and was completed in March 2013.


Greenhouse Datacenters enjoys the best possible protection. Our data center is completely closed off, and the site is protected in the evenings by a member of our staff as well as via a CCTV system.

Access to the Greenhouse premises is secured by an electric sliding door that can only be opened with an access card. From here, visitors will need to unlock the revolving door using biometric facial recognition and their access card in order to proceed to the data floor. To gain admission to the data floor, visitors must then use their access card to open the electric sliding door.

All of the server racks and suites on the data floor are locked with combination locks that use codes chosen by our customers.

Fire protection

The entire data floor and technical areas are fitted with smoke alarms that control the whole extinguishing system. A smoke alarm will trigger the Argonite gas extinguishing system, which releases gas into the room under high pressure and reduces oxygen levels in the room in order to extinguish the fire. This system rapidly detects and extinguishes the fire without causing water damage or any other kind of damage.


The data center contains a central passive meet-me-room where the external fiber optic infrastructure enters the building via two separate paths. Connections are patched from the meet-me-room to suppliers or the customer's server racks via an internal fiber optic infrastructure.

Conference room

Customers of Greenhouse Datacenters can use the meeting room located on the first floor. This room contains a table that can seat ten people and is equipped with a TV screen for presentations.


Staff from Greenhouse Datacenters can provide support 24/7. We offer Remote Hands support based on Best Effort.
If you decide to place your servers with Greenhouse Datacenters, we will help you move your servers free of charge.

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