In a market where developments occur in rapid succession and the growth of online data storage continues to increase, professional data centers have become an indispensable part of today's digital market. Small and medium enterprises and larger organizations are joining Internet-based companies in expanding their server parks out to data centers. The reasons for this are safety, economies of scale, guaranteed availability and connection speeds.

We launched Greenhouse Datacenters in response to these developments. We offer sustainable and environmentally friendly carrier-neutral data center services. As data centers consume 1.3% of the world's total electricity, it is necessary to reduce the energy consumption of data centers wherever possible.

In order to reduce the amount of energy used by our data center, we make use of ultra-modern technology. When we compare the current standard of data centers with older data centers, we can already see significant differences. A lot of progress has already been made with cold corridors, fresh-air cooling, adiabatic cooling and energy-efficient UPS systems to reduce the consumption of energy. These technologies are all used by Greenhouse Datacenters - but we also go one step further.

We have expanded the fresh-air cooling method to include cooling based on natural water. On the basis of a floor temperature of 26 degrees Celsius, we can use outside air to cool the data center 95% of the year. When the temperature outside rises, we switch to our backup system and use natural water to cool our data center. This means that we eliminate the need for cooling agents that are harmful to the environment and limit the amount of energy used by our cooling system.

An other method we are using in Greenhouse Datacenters 2 is adiabatic cooling. The adiabatic cooling method works with a closed inner cooling circuit and an outside air circuit which cools the inside circuit through an heat exchanger. As soon as the outside temperature is becoming too hot, water will be sprayed on the heat exchanger which will extra cool the heat exchanger and thus also the inner cooling circuit.

Because of the techniques described above, we do not have to use environmentally unfriendly cooling agents and we limit the energy consumption of our cooling installations.

This promo film shows how Greenhouse Datacenter is built.

Promo film Greenhouse Datacenters
  • GH rack
  • UPS units
  • Racks
  • Extinguisher
  • Tourniquet