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Greenhouse Datacenters' first datacenter is situated in Naaldwijk, the Netherlands. This central location in the Westland municipality (Rotterdam/Den Haag region) is known for its many large businesses, which are mainly agricultural. The purpose of the datacenter in Naaldwijk is to offer high-quality TIER 3 colocation services at competitive prices.

Our first datacenter in Naaldwijk has a total floor area of 1000 m2 datacenter white space, offering a total capacity of 432 server rack cabinets.

Construction of the first datacenter was started in August 2012 and was completed in March 2013.



Our data center at Naaldwijk is connected to the Westland Infra energy network. This network has been laid out in a ring, which means that electricity is supplied to the data center via two separate paths. The total capacity of the power supply that comes in at the main distributor is 6.4 mW. As you would expect, Greenhouse Datacenters uses green energy.

The internal infrastructure starting at the main distributor has been set up with two separate power circuits, called the A and B feeds. Both feeds have been set up in a no-break configuration, which means that they both use separate UPS systems in combination with emergency generators in an N+1 configuration.

In the event of a failure in the mains supply, the UPS systems can provide approximately 10 minutes of power to the data center when the center is in full operation. In the meantime, the emergency generators will start automatically and will be able to provide the data center with power for 96 hours. Clear agreements have been made with suppliers regarding the prompt delivery of additional diesel, to allow us to cope with power interruptions that may last longer.

The power infrastructure feeding the server racks is realized using a busbar system in which the current is fused at 16 or 32 amps.



The cooling technology used at Greenhouse allows the company to offer environmentally friendly colocation services. By using fresh-air technology with cold corridors to cool the data center, the energy consumption of the data center is reduced considerably, as are CO2 emissions.
When outside temperatures permit, cold air from outside is used to cool the data center. This cold air is supplied to the cold corridor, passing underneath the data floor. After the servers have been cooled, the warm air is extracted and, if necessary, used to heat up the cold air. This may be necessary if the temperature of the outside air is too low for it to be brought directly onto the data floor. If the outside temperature becomes too high, we can switch to our backup cooling system. The heated air on the data floor is then cooled by a heat exchanger system that, in turn, is cooled by pumping up cool natural water. This natural water is contained in a closed system and is immediately returned to the source after passing the heat exchanger. In addition to saving on energy costs, the systems at Greenhouse Datacenters do not use hazardous cooling agents that are harmful to the environment.

Based on an average temperature of 26 degrees Celsius on the data floor, we expect to be able to use fresh-air cooling technology 95% of the year. We will use our backup system based on natural water the remaining 5% of the time.

  • 100% environmental friendly cooling
  • No use of harmful gases
  • Constant monitoring of climate in the hall
  • Redundant


Greenhouse Datacenters is connected to several fiber optic infrastructures from different suppliers. A number of partners offer Internet connectivity over this fiber optic infrastructure. In addition, there are various value-added resellers that can provide you with rack space if you only require a small amount or do not have your own network.

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